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Dental Procedure Video: Gum Disease Treatments

Flossing Benefits

Yes..... flossing DOES WORK! One California patient is interviewed about his experiences in achieving regrowth of gum tissue with the use of a Sonic toothbrush and WaterPik irrigation device.

Changes in quantity and quality of gum tissue changes were observed to occur WITHOUT the added cost of treatments with a Periodontist. Click here to watch.

Periodontal Laser - PerioLase

Research conducted by two renowned dentists led to the development of a minimally invasive gum tissue therapy that incorporates an Nd:YAG laser (most widely used laser platform in modern dentistry) that represents successful alternative to traditional perio therapies.

The PerioLaseTM from Millennium Dental Technologies is a specialized Nd:YAG (Neodymium: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser with the unique features necessary to perform a variety of soft tissue procedures. Click here to watch a video animation of how the PerioLase treatment is performed.

ZAP Diode Laser - Periodontal Therapy AdjunctLase

Zap Dental Lasers ZAP Lasers manufacture a Diode Laser hybrid that is designed specifically as an adjunctive therapy for advanced Hygiene care and treatment for Periodontal disease. The HygieneLase - Diode Laser provides laser curettage and sulcular pocket decontamination as a straigt forward procedure that requires little or no need for local anesthetics. Click here to watch a video animation of how the PerioLase treatment is performed.


Individuals suffering from the debilitating effects of periodontal disease now may have an alternative choice with Perio Protect, an FDA approved periodontal treatment program.

The PerioProtect treatment utilizes an FDA approved medical device that comfortably fits in the patient's mouth and delivers antimicrobial agents of the dentist's choosing.

Using the Perio Protect Method the patient now has control over treatment and can self administer the antibiotics at a much lower cost. Click here to watch a video that demonstrates and describes this new treatment alternative.


Periostat is a 20mg tablet form of doxycycline hyclate (form of tetracycline) and is reported to function as an oral enzyme-suppressing agent for slowing the progression of the disease process.

The medication counteracts the enzymes created by our own bodies to fight severe gum disease, which have been shown to be a causal factor in tooth and tissue loss. Video footage produced by CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Click here to watch a consumer video highlighting the benefits of this treatment choice.

Hydro Floss

Hydro Floss is an irrigation device that provides oral health care benefits that can be beneficial as a means of an alternative treatment of periodontitis and gingivitis. Bacterial agents and germs are effectively removed, helping to reduce the formation of plaque and calculus.

Click here to watch a demonstration and discussion of how Hydro Floss technology, a home-based therapy, is used as a popular treatment alternative.


An animation film clip that describes the processes involved with treating periodontal pockets that are associated with different stages of gum disease. Learn the basics about diagnosing gum disease and the various treatments for arresting, controlling or eliminating gum disease and potential tissue loss. Produced by PerioChip, a product line that provides treatment alternatives to traditional periodontal disease treatment.

Click here to watch this entertaining video to learn the important concepts in Periodontitis diagnosis and treatment procedures.

PerioWave: The Product

Periowave is a quick and painless technology that works to kill the bacteria associated with periodontal diseases, without the promotion of antibiotic resistance.

Perio Wave utilizes a non-thermal laser light combined with a photosensitizing solution designed to kill bacteria associated with the diseases. Killing the bacteria halts the progression of the disease and allows healing to begin.

The technology is promoted to be painless, non-antibiotic, quick, effective and safe. Click here to watch a video that discusses and demonstrates this choice of treatment alternatives.

PerioWave: Live Treatment Demonstration

periosurgery film clip Watch a live Periodontal Treatment session that provides a visual outline of all the steps performed for using the proprietary technology with patients. Listen to one patient describe the experience and the degree of comfort maintained during the typical treatment session. The minimal or non invasive properties of this type of gum disease treatment demonstrated during the video is an attractive feature or option that many patients with Periodontitis enjoy having.

Click here to watch this live surgery session.


Arrestin is an antibiotic, minocycline, which is a member of the tetracycyine class of antibiotics.

Arestion Photo Minicycline exerts its antimicrobial activity by prohibiting ptotein synthesis of the bacteria and has been shown to be effective against the pathogens associated with periodontal disease. Arrestin is a powder that is blown into the pockets with a special syringe (plastic tube, not a needle). It maintains its therapeutic drug concentration for up to 21 days of administration.

Click here to watch this animation that shows and discusses how doctors use the product and treatment outcome.

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